Jellyfx License Agreement:


By downloading or using Jellyfx products, you agree to the following license terms. 



▪️ Sell, redistribute, assign, sublicense, give away or transfer our digital products.

▪️ Resell our digital products individually or as part of a bundle.



▪️ Jellyfx owns all rights to our products hosted on our website

▪️ Only the buyer of the product can use the purchased products.

▪️ All source files are licensed only to the customer who purchased the product and can not be shared with anyone else.




Once you buy a product from, you can use it forever.



You can use all our products anywhere in the world. Our licenses give you full coverage no matter where you live and where you distribute your projects.



Unrestricted use of all products in personal and commercial projects. Meaning TV, commercials, social media, projects for clients, games and everywhere else!



Find the full license agreement on Terms Of Service